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Friday, July 15, 2016

[Tokyo] Tsukiji Market 築地市場

A visit to Tsukiji Market is top of the list if you visit Tokyo.

Tsukiji Market is known to be the biggest and most famous fish wholesale market in the world.

You'll probably find the best and freshest seafood in Japan.

I didn't wake up for the auction, but was there quite early at about 8am to have sushi breakfast. 

I opted for Yamazaki (やまざき), which at that time has the shortest queue. 

I chose "Kiku (菊)" set, 11 sushi + 1 miso soup, which cost 3,900 ¥ . I also added a fat tuna sushi, which cost 700 ¥. 

I had the best sushi experience in Tsukiji, despite the long wait and slightly steep price. 

This had to be the freshest sushi I ever had. My favourite had to be the uni, which is rich and creamy. I believe those who do not like the smell of uni will appreciate the one in Tsukiji. 

Tsukiji Market will be moving to a new location in November 2016. 

For those who are planning to visit Tokyo, you have only a few months left. 

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