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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Carolina Herrera CH Men Sport

Carolina Herrera has launched a new sport fragrance - CH Men Sport!

CH Men Sport

According to Men's Health UK, sports fragrances tend to be specially formulated to be fresher, livelier and cleaner smelling. Sport fragrances work well during the hot summer season. Since we are in Singapore, sport fragrances work all year round!

As for me, sport fragrances are more masculine and lively. Sport fragrances are also not too strong unlike some of the colognes in the market.

CH Men Sport

I like the design of the bottle, which has a nautical feel to it. The fragrance gives of a very sunny fragrance. The best occasion to use this fragrance will be doing water sports or beach volleyball. I also use it when doing other sports too such as gym and jogging.

Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera

According to Carolina Herrera, the Venezuelan designer takes inspiration from her days on the american East Coast. Long, fun-packed weekends under the sun doing water sports with friends and enjoying life. The smell of the sand, the sea and wet wood from beautifully crafted classic motor boats.

CH Men Sport is an amazing fragrance, which immediately brings me to the summery and sporty feel.

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