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Friday, April 20, 2012

Japan 2012 Part 1 (Tokyo-Obihiro)

I was in Japan recently as I was going for a stay at Club Med Sahoro.

So I took the earliest flight via SQ 636 to Tokyo Haneda.


SIA In-flight Meal

Haneda Airport is preferred as I will be taking a domestic flight to Obihiro.
Haneda Airport

Arrived at Haneda Airport. So excited despite not sleeping at all during the flight.

Once you arrive Tokyo Haneda, everything is so clean & tidy and everyone is so polite

Although this wasn't my first time in Japan, it was my first time in Haneda Airport and it's pretty awesome.

Haneda Airport [/caption]

Tokyo Pop Town

There was this Tokyo Pop Town but the shops weren't open as it was only 6 in the morning. =(


Nice decorations of Cherry blossoms at the airport.

Cherry blossom

More Sakura. Probably only display during springtime. Even the Japanese were excited to see them despite being artificial.
Haneda Airport Observation Deck

They even have an observation deck. I didn't know it's an outdoor one. The weather was around 5 degrees Celsius but I wasn't feeling cold. And the sunrise was awesome! Japan's sun appears to be somewhat brighter than the other countries I've visited.


View of the aeroplanes. Had a very relaxing moment viewing the sunrise.

Haneda Airport Observation Deck

Have to take some pictures before leaving.

Haneda Airport Edo-Koji

This is the Edo-Koji (江戸小路) at the International Terminal at the 4th floor. It resembles Tokyo(Edo) during the Edo period.

It was about time to get to the domestic terminal. Hafta take a bus!

Haneda Airport Shuttle Bus

The frequency of the shuttle bus is pretty good.

Haneda Shuttle Bus

Cute aeroplane designed bus seats.

Haneda Shuttle Bus

And I was pretty surprised of what I saw during this journey from International Terminal to Domestic Terminal.... MOUNT FUJI!

Usually, you don't get to see Mt. Fuji from Tokyo but I was lucky enough that the sky was very clear. Sadly, didn't manage to capture a picture.
Haneda Domestic Terminal

The domestic terminal is bigger than I thought!
Tokyo Haneda Domestic Flight Notice Board

Everything here is in Japanese since it's domestic.

Book the earliest flight to Obihiro (帯広). The weather in Obihiro shown on the information board is -3 degree Celsius.

Pokemon Airplane

No boarding bridge so need to take a bus from the airport to the airplane. Yet another surprise... Saw Tokyo Tower and the new icon of Tokyo - Tokyo Sky Tree and Mt. Fuji from the runway. 3 of Japan's icons all at once! And on the bus, I heard an obasan (おばさん) exclaiming "FUJI-SAN!"

Boarded ANA and off to Hokkaido. It takes approximately 1.5 hrs from Tokyo to Obihiro.

Tokyo to ObihiroCute cup on board Japan

Even the cup is kawaii. Japan is really good at making everything cute.

Hokkaido at sight!

Since it's a domestic flight, the airplane isn't too high and you can see the beauty of Japan. Snow can already be spotted in the Tohoku Region and there is even more snow in Hokkaido! More than what I expected since it's already March.

(To be continued)

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