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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Japan 2012 Part 2 - Club Med Sahoro Day 1

obihiro airport
"Obihiro Airport ~とかち帯広空港!"

So in about 1.5 hours, I reached Obihiro Airport!

It's the smallest airport I've ever been too but there're lotsa stuff to get there.

Obihiro Airport
"Obihiro Airport Welcome Sign... 世こそ、とかち帯広へ。"

The weather was at 0℃. Quite comfortable. Obihiro is the capital city of Tokachi Subprefecture(十勝支庁), Eastern Circuit (道東), and is one of the most sparsely populated regions in Japan. Club Med is located at Shintoku and I'll need to take a bus to Club Med. The journey takes another 1.5 hours.


I am so excited to see so much snow! I even wrote my Katakana name in the snow while waiting for the bus.


You can't really see people in Tokachi. Saw some small ramen shops and farms along the way. The area is known for dairy farms.

curry rice
"Curry Rice @ Club Med"

Here's the beef curry with rice and I added niku-dango (meat balls) and korokke (croquette)!

beer machine
"Automatic Beer Pouring Machine"

This is the Automatic beer-pouring machine. Probably only can find in Japan.

So after lunch I took a nap as I didn't sleep the night before.

After nap I went down to Club Med's Wakka Bar.

Piña colada
"Piña colada"

I had Piña colada (rum + pineapple juice + coconut cream)! Then I had a shot of vodka lime.

[caption id="attachment_232" align="alignnone" width="480"]cheers


Had a bottle of Cinsault for ourselves! True drunkards!

Chocolate Cake that reflects
"Chocolate Cake that reflects"

"Giant macaroons"

Club Med Sahoro has got really awesome desserts! Look at the giant macaroons!

Ski performance
"Ski Performance by Club Med Sahoro's ski instructors"

While we were having dinner, we had a surprise! As shown above, it's actually ski performance by the ski instructors with fire works!

Since I'm so excited to see so much snow, I went out and played with snow!


And it was snowing ... quite heavily

snow man
snow angel
"Snow Angel"

And I'll end this post with a snow angel ^^

(To be continued...)

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