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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Osaka: Amerikamura アメリカ村

Amerikamura (アメリカ村) is probably the trendiest area in Kansai region. This is the place where you can find Japanese pop culture, youth street fashion and nightlife.

Amerika Mura
Mural @ Amerikamura

Only about 3 minutes walk from Shinsaibashi Station (心斎橋駅), you will be welcome by this big mural above.

Amerika Mura

From this mural, you will know that Amerikamura is heavily influenced by the American culture. This place is also known as the Harajuku of West Japan and youth mecca of Osaka. However, Amerikamura is beyond its inspiration cuz it has evolved into a unique culture! The narrow streets and alleys are filled with clothing stores and cafes. If you are lucky, you may also get great bargains!

Amerika Mura

I love the lively youthful vibe of Amerikamura, despite being noisy and dirty (Japanese standard).

amerika mura

There are also many places where you can get a bite. One of the must-eat is the "Ice Dog (アイス.ドッグ)" .

Ice Dog

For those who are wondering, Ice Dog has nothing to do with dog. It's actually sweetened fried hot dog bun with ice-cream. Truly an Amerikamura street food - American influence with Japanese creativity!

"Amerika Mura Ice Dog (元祖アイスドッグ)"Japan Ice dog

This is truly a MUST-HAVE despite the high fat content.

amerika mura ice dog

There are many photographs with people with funny poses either holding or eating the Ice Dog. Osaka people are fun-loving!

ice dog

Me, trying to strike a funny pose.

Amerika Mura

Best time to visit will probably be weekend afternoon. Most shops will already be open by 11am and you may have a chance to see buskers and shop staff shouting promotions in order to attract customers.


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