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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Korean Facial Product: The Face Shop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Facial Butter Review

Fall and Winter in Korea can dehydrate your skin and it’s advisable to use some moisturizer to moisturize your skin. Although it's advisable to bring moisturizer to temperate countries, I did not bring any of those as Seoul is the city of affordable and good beauty products. 

I purchased the Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Facial Butter(망고씨드 실크 보습 페이셜 버터) as its a relatively new product line of The Face Shop and also, it comes with this limited edition gift box.

This gift box is designed by Choi Bum Suk(최범석), a famous Korean designer. 

Not only you can enjoy the benefits of mango seed on your face, it also comes with a mango seed candle for those who loves aromatherapy.

Mango is known to be rich in beta-carotene and skin-boosting vitamins A and E. Mango seed facial butter is known to be a good antidote for dehydrated skin.
So did it work? Yes. The only area that wasn’t hydrated was my lip area as I didn’t use any lip balm. However, I wouldn’t say it’s 100% hydrated. Probably, you’ll need to use another product, the Mango Seed Silk Moist Lotion to further enhance the hydration. I’m quite satisfied with the skin radiance of my skin after using.
The product has rather strong fragrance as of most Korean beauty products. I like the sweet mango aroma of the facial butter.

I will rate this product a 7 out of 10. 

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