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Monday, December 31, 2012

Osaka: Dotombori

Osaka is known for their delicious street food. The best place is of course, Dotombori (道頓堀), near to Namba Station (なんば駅). 

The Glico Man is the landmark of Osaka. Once you see him, you know you are at Dotombori - the mecca of Japanese street food!  

Beside the Glico Man, there are other landmarks to look out for in Dotombori. 

There there's the giant Kani Doraku, the crab which moves its legs.  

Zuboraya (づぼらや) - the giant fugu 

Akaoni (赤鬼), which serves Takoyaki (たこやき). You can never miss Takoyaki in Osaka as the city is the birthplace of this street food. I believe Akaoni has one of the best takoyaki in Osaka. Please comment if you know of any better takoyaki in Osaka. 

The large green dragon billboard - the symbol of Kinryu Ramen (金龍ラーメン). Actually, Osaka is not known for ramen. Japan has the famous miso ramen of Sapporo (Hokkaido), the pork and niboshi broth ramen of Kitakata (Fukushima), Shoyu Ramen of Tokyo, and lastly the tonkotsu ramen of Hakata (Fukuoka). 

Like many ramen stores in Japan, you will use this automated machines to purchase your ramen.

This is how the famous kinryu ramen looks like. The outdoor seating consisting of raised tatami mats, in the centre of the beautiful neon lights of the most famous food street of Japan. Awesome ambience!  

The broth taste more like the lighter version of Hakata tonkotsu ramen, with some taste of seafood. You can add toppings such as garlic, pickled greens and kimchi. I added all and it enhance the awesomeness of the ramen. 

After having a full stomach of takoyaki and ramen, it's time for Shinsaibashi-suji (心斎橋筋)!

Of course, hafta check out WEGO while you are there! 

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