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Saturday, March 14, 2015

[치맥] Oven and Fried Chicken (Okkudak / 오꾸닭)

When in Korean, I wouldn't miss Korean fried chicken!

The Korean rendition of fried chicken is usually less oily and more crunchy in my opinion.

Also, fried chicken is best to be eaten with beer and pickled radish  (치킨무).

Sauced Rice Chicken (쌀통닭 양념)

Last month I visited Okkudak (Oven And Fried Chicken) at Telok Ayer. We ordered 2 * half serving of chicken. The sauced rice chicken is too savoury and spicy for my liking. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

Fried Riced Chicken (쌀통닭)

I truly enjoyed the Fried Rice Chicken. It is very crunchy and less greasy compare to the fast food version. This is best coupled with a glass of cold beer! 

After the chicken, we ordered soju and a bowl of Beondegi Soup (번데기탕). 

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