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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ingri:Dahl - Looking fashionable with 3D glasses

Are you a fan of 3-D movies like me?

I truly enjoy 3-D movies and one of my favorite is Avatar. But what I hate most is watching the 160 minutes movie with those chunky 3D glasses, which are very uncomfortable and ugly. However, good news to 3-D movie lovers!

Ingri: Dahl

3d glasses
"Ugly 3D glasses! This is what you get from the movie theaters!"

Kine and Einy Paulsen, a pair of twins had made a revolution! Not only they are comfortable, Ingri:Dahl 3D-glasses are also chic and fashionable!

I've gotten a pair from the twins and they are really comfortable to wear.

Kine and Einy Paulsen
"Kine and Einy Paulsen, looking chic and cool with Ingri:Dahl 3D glasses!"

I truly love their fall's collection!

IngriDahl 3D glasses men IngriDahl 3D glasses women

So, if you wanna be the most fashionable person in the movie theater, visit http://www.ingridahl.com and get your pair now!

3D glasses
Movie theater's essentials: popcorns and a pair of ingridahl 3D glasses!

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