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Monday, April 2, 2018

Things to do in Kaohsiung 愛高雄.不思議

Kaohsiung (高雄市) is the largest city in Southern Taiwan.
It has a warm climate throughout the year.

Although many people have heard of Kaohsiung. However, not many people has travelled to this city and opt for places like Taipei, Cingjing Farm and Sun Moon Lake in Nantou or even Hualien.

How to get there: 
You may take the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR/台灣高鐵). It will take about 90 minutes from Taipei Station. There are also direct flights to Kaohsiung via China Airlines and Scoot. 

1) Visit one of the most beautiful metro station - Formosa Boulevard (高雄捷運美麗島站)

Attractions in Kaohsiung are easily accessible via Kaohsiung Metro (高雄捷運).
Formosa Boulevard is the main station which is the interchange for Red Line and Orange Line.
The Dome of Light (光之穹頂) is an attraction itself, an artwork by Italian artist - Narcissus Quagliata. 

2) Indulge various street food at Liouhe Night market (六合夜市)

Liouhe Night Market has to be the most centrally located night market in Kaohsiung. It's located near Formosa Boulevard Station. The must try has to be the Papaya Milk from JLP (鄭老牌). 

3) Enjoy the sea breeze and seafood at Cijin Island (旗津)

Cijin is a slender island with laid-back vibes and awesome seafood.

Take a ferry from Sizihwan (西子灣) and the journey takes only 15 minutes and cost 15TWD.
Definitely my favourite spot in Kaohsiung.

Try out their seafood which is quite friendly to your pockets with the quality you get! 

4) Join local artists at Pier 2 - 駁二

Kaohsiung is shifting herself from an industrial city to a developed urban metropolitan. The site of Pier 2 used to be a warehouse site but now, transformed into a creative art centre. You can easily spend half a day at Pier 2. 

The nearest metro station is Yanchengpu (捷運鹽埕埔站) of Kaohsiung Metro (高雄捷運). 

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