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Monday, November 24, 2014

Marina Bay Sands Review

During one of my staycations, I have chosen Marina Bay Sands - one of Singapore's integrated resorts, which has now become the icon of Singapore.

Despite its relatively high price, many tourists flock to this hotel even just for a night stay. As some of the tourists said if you've not stay in MBS, you've not really been to Singapore. Anyway, after staying for a night, the saying proofs to be overrated regarding the hotel.

My check-in procedure was tedious. It took me more than 2 hours. The reception could not locate my name in the system. When I  told them to call the reservations to check, the receptionist told me that she wasn't suppose to do so. Ridiculous! I called the reservations myself and finally got to check in 2 hours later. I understand that people do make mistakes, however, no apology was made by the staff.

The lobby and the elevator was very crowded.

Despite being a luxurious 5 star hotel, many hotel guests just rushed and cut their way to the elevator, resembling parvenu without any culture and etiquette.

The room I stayed was spacious and clean,  with skyline of the Marina Area.

The Banyan Tree Fitness Club offers a view of Singapore skyline at 55th storey high. The gym was comfortable and the staff were friendly and polite.

Next up to the iconic Infinity Pool! Located at 57th storey.
 Le Crowd!

Didn't got to dipped in the pool as it was very crowded at 5pm.

So, at around 6pm, I proceeded to the Sands SkyPark.

The night view was spectacular!

Singapore Flyer, which resembles a huge diamond ring from the SkyPark!

Next morning, decided to check out the Infinity Pool again as I shouldn't miss it since I am already staying at Marina Bay Sands. I went up to 57th Storey again at 7am.

I was happy that there wasn't a crowd and I got to swim and not just dip in the pool. The experience was awesome!

I ended off my stay at RISE.

Food was decent with great variety.

In conclusion, the receptionists' staff of MBS really needs to improve their quality of service. I have heard already heard bad remarks of their quality of service of being worse than a budget hotel by some of my Korean friends who have stayed. Infinity Pool was pretty awesome though which makes up of my unpleasant check in experience.

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