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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Night Markets in Taiwan 臺灣夜市文化

Taiwan's night market probably attracts more international tourists than icons like Taipei 101, Alishan or Sun Moon Lake. A trip without at least one "night market" in your itinerary is almost equivalent that you've never been to Taiwan. Locals enjoy their evening spend with their friends or family with delicious street snacks and it is an important aspect of Taiwanese culture. Let us take a look at some of the night markets I visited from North to South!

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) 
- Shihlin District, Taipei (台北市士林區) 

Taipei's Shilin Night Market is one of the largest night markets in Taipei City. It is a must-go if you want to try a large variety of Taiwanese food. Do note that every evening, the market packed with tourists and almost half the crowd are tourists from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan etc. I prefer the night market before the renovation in 2011. Nonetheless, it is still fun to visit and most food are good. The night market offers endless choices of food and is very accessible from Jiantan Station (劍潭站). 

Recommended Food: Fried Chicken Cutlet (炸雞排), Oyster Omelette (蚵仔煎), Taiwanese Tempura (甜不辣), Oyster Meesua (蚵仔麵線), Coffin Bread (官財板), Small-sausage-in-large-sausage (大腸包小腸).
Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市)
- Songshan District, Taipei (台北市松山區)

Tourists usually visit Raohe Night Market as it is just a short distance with WuFenPu Wholesale Market. This night market is the second oldest night market in Taipei, which makes this place to have an old charm the Shilin Market lacks. Despite being smaller than Shilin Night Market, the night market has quite a variety of delicious food. 
Recommended Food: Peppered Pork Buns (胡椒餅), Egg Bread (韓式蛋包蛋), Smelly Tofu (臭豆腐), Oyster Meesua (蚵仔麵線)
Shida Night Market (師大夜市)
- Datong District, Taipei (台北市大同區)

Shida Night Market mainly cater to youths as the market is located near National Taiwan Normal University. There are also restaurants and cafes in the area and I would like to visit when I visit Taipei again. Sadly, A portion of the market has closed due to complaints made by the residents. 
Recommended Food: Popcorn Chicken (鹽酥雞), Steak (牛排), Braised Food (滷味)
Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市)
- Xitun District, Taichung (台中市西屯區)

If you think Shilin Night Market is large, you'll be in awe at how vast Fengjia Night Market is. Fengjia Night Market is located near Fengchia University, which attracts mainly youths. Beside being the largest night market in Central Taiwan (and probably the whole of Taiwan), Fengjia Night market is also known for their creative and mouth-watering street food. 
Recommended Food: Cheese Potato (起士馬鈴薯), Yakisoba Bun (炒麵麵包), Small-sausage-in-large-sausage (大腸包小腸), Moon Shrimp Cake (月亮蝦餅), Schweinshaxe (德國豬腳).
Carrefour (Chialefu) Night Market (嘉樂福觀光夜市)
-  West District, Chiayi City (嘉義市西區)

Carrefour Night Market is located along Bo Ai Road, near Carrefour Hypermart in downtown Chiayi City. Neither the city nor the night market is well-known among international tourists. Therefore, it was a hidden gem to me while passing Chiayi. The night is medium-size and most visitors are locals. 

Recommended Food: Oyster Omelette (蚵仔煎), Fermented Tofu Chicken (豆乳雞), Soy beancurd (豆花), grilled food (碳烤)
Ruifeng Night Market (瑞豐夜市)
- Zuoying District, Kaohsiung (高雄市左營區)

Ruifeng Night Market is famous among the locals especially the younger crowd. The night market is located near Kaohsiung Arena Station (巨蛋站). The street is a bit narrow and during the night it can get crowded. The night market itself isn't very big but the food is affordable and delicious.

Recommended Food: Steak (牛排), Smelly tofu (臭豆腐), Grilled squid (烤小卷) 
Liuohe Night Market (六合夜市)- Sinsing District, Kaohsiung (高雄市新興區)

If Ruifeng caters for locals, Liouhe caters more for tourists. Liuohe Night Market is a representative night market of Southern Taiwan. The night market is very accessible as it is located very near Formosa Boulevard Station(美麗島站). I was surprised that the night market isn't very big, compared with other famous night markets. However, I like the large walking space and the night market is clean.  Most importantly, food is good. 

Recommended food: Danzai Noodles (擔仔麵), Papaya Milk (木瓜牛奶), Black Caviar (烏魚子), Seafood Porridge (海產粥)

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