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Monday, August 26, 2013

Nana's Green Tea Cafe @ Plaza Singapura

Are you one of those café and dessert lovers but wanna opt for a healthier alternative? 

Nana's Gree Tea Café is just for you!  

I love the design of the cafe - a blend of Zen tea ceremony style with a modern touch. 

Of course, in Nana's gree tea cafe, you ought to try their high quality Uji Matcha (宇治抹茶) all the way from Kyoto Prefecture!

I am a matcha lover and I am glad that I can find affordable but premium Uji matcha ($7.50) in Singapore. 

Matcha is known for its health benefits. Some benefits include control high blood pressure, boost immune system, improves metabolism, improves longevity by supporting anti-ageing and many more. Matcha also helps to reduce stress and improves mood... perfect de-stress remedy after a hard day's work.  

Next up is my favourite Salmon Carpaccio. The thick slices of salmon comes with a Japanese twist of the Italian appetizer. The taste of lemon and sesame oil just taste so well with the fresh salmon. What's more, it's only $8.80 for a generous portion. 

And of course, maguro carpaccio ($9.80) for tuna sashimi lovers. 

For mains, Ebi Goma Dare Udon ($14.80) is a must-try! 

The cold udon is soaked in delicious sesame sauce and topped with fresh ebi (prawns), cherry tomatoes and avocado. I really love how the udon is chewy and doesn't have the taste of flour. 
For those who prefer their udon hot, try waka tama udon ($11.80). 

The udon comes with a poached egg and generous portion of healthy seaweed and scallions. The broth is light and is definitely a dish for those who prefer healthier and lighter choice.  

For dessert lovers, you will definitely love matcha gateaux chocolat parfait ($13.80).Starting from the top, whipped cream with a drizzle of matcha syrup, a generous scoop of matcha ice cream, matcha gateaux chocolate cake, red bean paste, corn flakes, vanilla ice-cream, and finally kanten jelly in matcha syrup. A perfect combination of traditional Japanese and western dessert. 

For a simpler and more traditional alternative, you can opt for matcha anmitsu ($8.80).

I personally prefer traditional Japanese dessert. This anmitsu has a perfect combination of matcha ice-cream, red bean paste, sweet black beans, chewy kanten jelly and shiratama dango. 

For those who wants your anmitsu sweeter, you may pour the brown caramel syrup. 

Nana's green tea will be a place for me for a healthier alternative for an afternoon tea. 

Mr Kazuto, the founder of Nana's Green Tea hopes to make tea drinking appealing to the new generation. For Japanese culture lover like me, I am delighted to have the opportunity of having authentic Japanese tea-drinking culture in Singapore. 

Nana's Green Tea Cafe
The Atrium @ Orchard, #03-80/82
Plaza Singapura, 60B Orchard Road, Singapore 238891
Monday-Sunday: 11am-10pm, last order: 9.30pm
+65 66844312

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  1. The food looks delicious and the price is affordable.I will try it.