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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bangkok City

 Went to Bangkok last month for a six day trip.... 

The journey to Bangkok from Singapore takes only slightly more than 2 hours. Therefore, no time for movies on board. 

Finally... BKK at sight! 

It has been a while since I travel to Thailand so I'm pretty excited. 
So this is my hotel located at Pratunam Area. 
View of the City of Angels from the balcony. 
Grabbed some street food located just outside Platinum Mall! I ate the one with meat fillings in crab shell. Taste more like siu mai... 

I'm mesmerized by the electric wiring of Bangkok, which can't be found in Singapore. Secondly is the perpetually jam on the roads. 
I guess this is what makes the city attractive. 

Next morning, had my free breakfast in the hotel. It has great variety.... 
Shopping time! 

Central World!

Siam Paragon .... 

I had my Lunch is SOM TAM NUA at Siam Square. 

Som Tam Nua specializes in Issan (Northeastern Thailand) Food. Issan Food has strong Lao influence. 
So this is one of their specialty... FRIED CHICKEN! It's really awesome! Beating Fried Chickens in Korea. 

Som Tam Nua of course must order Som Tam! 
Lastly,Tomsep Kadook On Moo Soup... it's Northeastern Style Pork Ribs Tom Yam. It's the clearer variety of Tom Yam.... and I even ordered a smoothie to go along cuz the Soup looks spicy. 

And I realized, I forgot to order plain rice.... I asked for plain rice and waited for so long before they serve us the plain rice. The food really does a justification to come although service was quite meh. 

Next, went to Siam Discovery, where you can see the VJ hosting. 

BKK's Pink taxis are really cool!

MBK Centre! Not a great place to shop but still worth a visit. 

Will update more on BKK~ 

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