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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Korea Trip 2012 Part 2

So this is the second part of the Korea adventure 2012.

So after martyr's hill, instead of taking a taxi (which I could not find any unless I call the taxi driver who drove me there), I walked all the way to the Hanok Village.

Here's some of the shots I took while getting my way back there.

 The above looks like some Joseon dynasty pavilion.

Some tablet. Probably to commemorate a great teacher. As I see the hanja letters (선생/先生), which means teacher in Korean and (독시/讀詩), which means reciting of poem. 

Walked about 15 minutes in this cold and wet weather and finally see this sign below! 


 So apparently I still have 0.7km to go! But anyways, it was quite an enjoyable walk since there are some sights which were quite interesting... those you wouldn't see if you rode on a taxi.

Awesome view of the Jeonju Hanok Village from the top!

The above is a all girls' school located at the Hanok Village and IU is on the banner. 

Then, I found Jeondong Cathedral! The building is of Romanesque-Style. Built by a French priest between the years 1908 to 1914. This is the site of the first Korean martyrs in 1781.

So I stroll around the village and I saw the sight of Jeonju Bibimbap!

I can't be bothered to find the best Jeonju bibimbap in Jeonju and just get in to this restaurant. 
As usual, they serve us with generous number of side dishes (as of the whole of Jeolla region). The kimchi pajeon (Kimchi pancake) is awesome!

Here comes the bibimbap and it was ... DAEBAK!

The red is yukhoe (육회) which is Korean raw beef. And also fresh vegetables and it's really good when mixed together. If I remember correctly, it's 14,000 Won.

When I left,  I told the staff that Jeonju bibimbap is really good in Korean.

With a full stomach, I walked around the hanok village and I found myself outside the village as I see buildings that are not hanoks.

Of course, I managed to find my way back...

To be continued...

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